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Julie Hart from the time of her first exhibition at 14 years of age, has quietly yet progressively become recognized as a vibrant Australian landscape and contemporary Artist. With recent exhibitions in France. Daughter of the Internationally acclaimed artist ,sculpture and inventor Pro Hart Julie has unlimited potential in her field, Julie is not only able to create and capture a surreal depth of image, but also a perception of movement in her paintings, that many dream of, and few ever attain.

Julie carries the prestige of the Hart name, but as yet not the price, and this creates an excellent point at which to start a serious art collection, or add to the credibility of an existing collection. Her Mother Raylee, among others believes Julie to be the one to carry her fathers mantle. This makes her work attractive to both, art lovers and investors alike. Over the last several years, demand has doubled for Julie's work, due to the ascetic appeal of her paintings and in part to the free and honest approach she has taken to her painting. Although the price of an "Original Julie Hart" has risen according to demand, her art works remain extremely good value.

Any "Julie Hart" painting would be a prestigious and credible addition to a collection.

I always believed that Julie, would be the one to carry Pro's Mantle" unquote Raylee Hart widow of the late Pro Hart.

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