Living Desert Sculptures and Flora & Fauna Sanctuary

The Living Desert is Broken Hill City Councils contribution to the environment, for the protection of native flora and fauna and for the better management of our ecosystem and sustainability.

The Living Desert is nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges and is located 12km from the City of Broken Hill. It is a unique 2400ha reserve which was established in 1992. The scenery within the reserve is breathtaking and can be enjoyed via the numerous walking trails.

An entrance fee per person is required and payable at the pay bay located on the Living Desert entrance road. Parking is available at the picnic area or the car park at the top of the sculpture hill. Please follow the signs.

Sculptures Opening Times
Summer months (Dec-Feb): 6.00am to approx. half hour after sunset.
Remaining months: 8.30am to approx. half hour after sunset.

Flora & Fauna Sanctuary
Walking trail: Approximately 2.2km - return
Estimated completion time: Approximately a 1.5 hour to walk and observe interpretations.

Summer months (Dec-Feb): 6.00am to 2.00pm
Remaining months: 9.00am to 5.00pm

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