Broken Hill Cemetery Walk

Cemeteries are an important part of every city's heritage. Dedicated in 1889, the Broken Hill Cemetery on Rakow Street provides a valuable record of the diversity of Broken Hill's early mining community and a valuable insight into the development of Broken Hill and the surrounding region.

The walking tour highlights some of the burial sites within this once isolated outack community which was built on the mining industry. The cemetery tells the story of many different Broken Hill residents and a series of historical events that have helped shape the City.

Explore the vibrant multi-cultural heritage of the district and discover the notable historic events that occurred throughout the development of the city.

Approx. 2km, 60-80 minutes to do the cemetery walk (note that times take into account approx. 3 minutes spent at each grave).

A free brochure can be picked up at the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre.

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