Line of Lode Lookout

Charles Rasp and his fellow station hands, David James and James Pool, pegged out the original mining lease in September 1883. They, along with George McCulloch, Phillip Charley, George Urquhart and George Lind were the Syndicate of Seven that formed the Broken Hill Proprietary Company which would go on to become a giant of the global mining industry (BHP Billiton Group), providing Australia with a major source of export wealth for the first decades of the 20th century.

As news spread of Broken Hills riches, miners came from all over the world; Welsh, Cornish, Polish, Italian and German immigrants sometimes migrating as whole villages forming the bedrock of what would become one of Australias most diverse multicultural communities.

To witness Broken Hills mining history, one only has to look around from the mountainous waste rock that dominates the town, to the giant headframes that stalk the panorama, to the very names of the streets that grid the city.

To date, the seam of Broken Hill has yielded 300 million metric tons of ore enough to fill more than 1,500 concert halls in the Sydney Opera House.

The Line of Lode has reaped riches for this community and for Australia, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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