Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre

The Burra and Goyder Visitor Information Centre is an Accredited Information Centre, based in the centre of Burra, South Australia.

The Centre can assist visitors with directions, and local and regional information.

Accommodation booking:

The Centre's websitehas an online booking system which allows visitors to book any of the accommodation in Burra prior to their visit.

>>Click here to view online booking options!

Heritage Passport and Johnny Green narrative:

If you would like to join Johnny Green on a self guided audio tour of our fascinating mine sites, purchase the Burra Passport!

The key will allow you to access 9 historic sites around town, visit Burra's 2 National Trust Museums free of charge, and enjoy the stories of our past, as told by miner's mascot Johnny Green using your phone or tablet as you explore.

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