Footeside Farm

The origins of FOOTESIDE FARM began in the Woolshed. We were looking for a name that would uniquely identify our property. We have land alongside both Foote Road and the dry Foote Creek. This brand was first featured on our wool bales.

The difficult rural and financial times in the 1990's prompted us to research ways to increase our on farm resources and business. Taking into consideration the long term effects to our environment and the possible need for supplement watering to maintain the plant yield through dry years we pursued semi-arid native food plants.


At FOOTESIDE FARM we acknowledge the traditional source and use of these native foods. The history of their use is valuable to our heritage. We support research to investigate the benefits of these plants.

We believe everyone can enjoy these unique Australian flavours.

FOOTESIDE FARM offers ready to use ingredients with innovative recipes that can be made in your own kitchen, for dinner with friends, a special event, to impress, to experiment. Try the unique flavours of Australia.

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