Miners' Dugouts

At the height of the 1850s, up to 600 dugouts stretched over 3 miles along this creek, housing over 1,800 people (men, women and children). A census taken in 1851 showed that a third of the population then were children under the age of 14.

For all of their ramshackle construction, the dugouts were more than just holes in the ground to the tenacious folk who lived here. The predominantly Cornish occupants were a proud people, hanging doors and glazed windows, and whitewashing the walls inside and out. Some even had carpets.

While a number of dugouts remain preserved for you to see today, all that is left of most are depressions in the creek bank.

Listen to Johhny Green as he describes what life was like along the banks of the Burra Creek, and provides the answer to one of our Scavenger Hunt questions.

If you don't have a pass-code or key to access to the Miner's Dugouts, please visit the Burra Visitor Centre on Market Square and purchase the Burra Heritage Passport.

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