Olde School Gallery

The Hallett Olde School Gallery, tucked away in front of the serene rolling country backdrop of the Razorbacks often surprises visitors that stop to explore many local attractions like Wilkins'Cottage & the Ulooloo Goldfields.

There is a wide range of artwork including works by Felicity Martin, a lot of photos relating to the areas North east of Hallett including Ketchowla Staion, Sir Hubert Wilkins and the Ulooloo Goldfields. The galleryprovides a welcome teabreak from your journey. More of an arts centre due to Felicity being concerned a lot of artists do not necessarily want to sell a work, , many works are from artist's private collections.

There is also a 2 acre garden focusing mainly on herbs, made possible by the well kept secret of Hallett, good bore water.
Felicity is also an internationally recognised Tarot and palm reader with a sound grounding in the various philosophies and history or each discipline. (Felicity Martin: Bach. Behavioural Studies (Psychology with Minors in Advanced Psychology and Indigenous studies).
For those who like a bit of mystery the gallery has also been home to ghosts who can take those interested in a tour.

Monday-Wednesday, 12pm-3pm
Sunday, 11:00am-3.00pm

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