Find inspiration and inner peace at Laura. This town will inspire creative souls, with many a balladeer and artist spending time in this idyllic location. Many have followed in the footsteps of Lauras most famous resident, legendary storyteller CJ Dennis.

CJ Dennis is immortalised in the main street of Laura in a larger than life copper sculpture. Whilst in the main street, be sure to peruse the quirky and interesting shops including soap and gift shops, antique stores, book shops and even a cobbler!

Laura is best known for the delicious creamy Golden North ice cream, which is produced locally. Have a taste of the different flavours at either of the two cafes in town (if you can stop at one scoop!) From the famous Giant Twin to the delicious honey flavoured ice cream, this velvety ice cream is one of a kind!

Beetaloo Reservoir is a picturesque picnic spot open from May to October. There are also parklands to the north of Laura with a playground ideal for family picnics.

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