Safavi Cafe

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This is the sort of cafe I wish we had in every town, as well as near my home. Great classic Aussie breakfast and cafe food, with just some nice little touches - chockie with coffee, the rosti, ice cream laden ice chocolate. Always happy to visit here, even from Sydney.

Safavi, formally Caffe Florence, what an utter delight! the elegant new setting and same fantastic food and coffee have made my visit one to remember. Thank you Syed for your generous, warm and skilled service! I would recocemnd this eatery above all to those travelling to Adelaide- service, setting and food are comparable to great restaurants of a larger city.

OMG! Everybody loves this place and there are reasons why. I have been frequenting this restaurant for years and I have NEVER had a bad meal or bad service. I've travelled the world and this caf rivals any other. The Florence stack is always good but if you want to do yourself a favour then go there for breakfast. The buttermilk pancakes with berry compote is my sons favourite, whilst I mix it up because the choices are many and they're all good. The best coffee in SA and the staff must be incredibly happy as this shows in their consistent friendly service. Book a table if you can as this will save disappointment because the restaurant is often busy. Saeid, Helen and staff do a fantastic job.

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