Magnetic Hill

Taking your vehicle to Magnetic Hill is one of those things that you must do if you want to experience something that is just a little bit different from anything else. Park your car on the side of the hill and watch it role uphill.

Magnetic Hill was formerly known as Bruff's Hill, a name that originated from 35-year-old James Bruff, of Willunga, settling on Section 206, Head of Black Rock Plain, in 1897.

Murray Catford, a former farmer of Tarcowie/Bully Acre, tells the tale of an acquaintance that, in the 1930's, had acquired his first motorcar. He was driving in the vicinity of Bruffs Hill and happened to get a puncture right on the section of the road now known as Magnetic Hill. He did the right thing - put a stone in front of one of the wheels before jacking up the vehicle - only to have it roll uphill.

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