Van Leuven Chocolatier

Jason is a passionate Chocolatier who has worked internationally at top establishments, including Michelin star restaurant and five-star hotels and resorts.
Throughout his career, Jason has had the privilege to serve his chocolate creations to royal families, as well as US and French Presidents and countless
celebrities. His work has been featured in the notable publications such as Vogue Magazine, Gourmet Ireland, and Irish Times. Jason has also made guest appearances on ABC and 2GB radio in Australia.
Now residing on the Limestone Coast in South Australia, the eccentric chocolatier is currently working on the July 2007 launch of his own 'Van Leuven Chocolatier' range of high quality chocolates.
Van Leuven Chocolatier The Artisan Chocolatier rediscovers the tradition of chocolate making. We are focused on creating high quality and original hand crafted chocolates from the finest ingredients around the world.
Rediscover the difference and go on a gastronomic adventure with a real artisan craftsman Van Leuven Chocolatier. Look for our exclusive products in all good fine food stores.

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