Wrattonbully Wine Region

Wrattonbully Wine Region

An ancient place of World Heritage-listed caves, terra rossa soils, megafauna fossils, and limestone rangesthat formed as the sea receded over millions of years.

The Wrattonbully wine region in the Limestone Coast of South Australia was originally settled by hardworking farming pioneers who developed the region into a basket of plenty with lamb, wool, cattle and cereal crops grown, as well as fruit and vegetables. The area has more recently been chosen for its ideal viticultural attributes. Fruit quality is high as only the key viticulture sites have been chosen to be planted to vines. The perfect combination of the soils, topography and climate of Wrattonbully is evident in the distinctive tannin structure and elegance of the wines

Wrattonbully wine region has its origins when Australia started moving northward from Antarctica, allowing shallow seas to inundate the land; the limestone began to form. Complex events over more than a million years; rising and falling sea levels associated with global warming and cooling, in combination with the uplifting land created a series of ranges across the region, parallel to todays coastline. The upward thrusting of the Kanawinka Fault started cave formation in the region, with these caves later capturing animals whose fossils give us the Naracoorte Caves World Heritage site. The breakdown of limestone and windblown sands gave rise to the terra rossa soils. The prized red terra rossa soils are exceptionally well structured and inherently fertile, supplying a balanced release of essential nutrients. The vineyards of Wrattonbully are planted to take advantage of the ranges, which have permitted the establishment of vineyards at an elevation of 75 to 100 metres above sea level on gently hilly slopes. This elevation and undulation makes the vineyard sites of Wrattonbully quite different to the rest of the Limestone Coast. The amazing geology of the Wrattonbully region is celebrated at the World-Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves National Park in the heart of the Wrattonbully wine region.

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