Recreation Lake

  • location icon Golf Course Road Bordertown SA 5268

The Bordertown Recreation Lake was created after the development of a by-pass near the center of the town in 1988.

Part of the development was the erection of a bridge over the railway line running along the northern edge of the town.

To create this overpass, a massive amount of soil was dug out nearby and at the end of the project it was decided to turn this ugly hole into a lake.

Walking trails have since been developed around the lake and through various funding sources, a jetty and three artworks - the Crooked Tank, the Horse Fence and the Sluice Gates - have been created.

Fishing is a popular pastime, with the lake regularly stocked with yabbies, redfin, perch and other breeds of fish. Canoeing is another suitable leisure activity - swimming is not permitted.
It's a great picnic spot, with a shelter and electric bbq. There's a toilet nearby and a toilet dump for caravans and motor homes.

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