Mullinger's Swamp

Mullinger's Swamp has been used as a family picnic spot and a favourite yabbying waterhole for many years.

This area is also of interest to geologists as there are numerous "runaway holes" in Mullinger's Swamp. Look for a series of sandbags at the northern end of the reserve, just as you enter.

Without the sandbags, the water in Mullingers can overflow the bank, breaking open the plug which seals the lagoon from a system of underground caves. Once broken, the entire contents of the lagoon can disappear underground in a very short period.

Locals report that cutlery is set wratting in the cupboards in the nearby township of from Kybybolite as the water rushes under the township on its way through the cave system.

In the reckless past, whole car bodies have been dropped into the hole in an effort to plug it, those too ending up somewhere in the system below Kyby.

Mullinger Swamp is also home to the Biggest Redgum in the South East. The tree stands proudly in a paddock that neighbours Mullinger Swamp at Kybybolite. Its about 50metres high and has a circumference of 11.6m.

This tree is believed to be between 800 and 1,000 years old and can be accessed through the gate at the entrance of the reserve.

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