National Parks & Wildlife Service

The National Parks & Wildlife Service office in Broken Hill is known as the West Darling NPWS office. It is located at 183 Argent Street, Broken Hill.

PO box 788, Broken Hill. NSW. 2880.

The West Darling NPWS Office provides information on the Outback National Parks, including but not limited too: Sturt, Mutawintji NP and Historic Site, Paroo-Darling, Kinchega, Mungo and in the Bourke area, Gundabooka, Culgoa, Toorale.

The office has information brochures and can assist with road open/closure information; Park Passes and Concessions; book and/or enquire on your behalf for on-park accommodation and much more.

Come in and say hello to our friendly staff, who will assist you with your enquiries.

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