Bells 1950s Milk Bar

Bells is a Broken Hill icon where you can explore our fascinating social history and experience a rare insight into Australias unique milk bar and cafe culture. The original 1950s decor, old style malted milks and soda spiders along with the attached milk bar museum and nostalgic gift shop has seen Bells recognised with multiple tourism awards and people often travel hundreds of miles just to get their hands on a Bells drink.

You can have a similar experience at Bells today as you could have in the 1950s or 1960s. Imagine sipping a malted milk or traditional soda spider amidst the original chrome fittings and furniture while listening to the latest 1950s music or reading a 1956 magazine. You can choose from over 50 original recipe flavours, and theyre all made using Bells own handmade syrups and cordials, manufactured to Les Bells Famous Secret Recipe in small batches right here on the premises, just like they always have. The result is an Out of This World taste of Broken Hill and local Australian history.

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