Historic Day Dream Mine

Get a real taste of the life of a Broken Hill miner with a visit to the Day Dream Mine outside of Silverton.

Mining was the reason that Silverton sprang up in the first place, and its still possible to experience what life was like for men working in its heyday.

Established in 1882, the mine attracted a sizeable settlement which, while short-lived, boasted 500-odd residents at its peak, as well as the district's first smelters.

These days, visitors are invited to walk into the mine - and history.

Tours take about an hour, and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Surface Tour
$8 per person
At the Tea Rooms you can wonder off on a fully guided surface tour, hearing all about the smelter, township, how & who found the mine + stories about the Cornish Miners and their families and the area in general, don't forget you're only a short stroll away from fresh scones and a lovely cup of tea!

Surface and Underground Tour
$32 per person
As you head underground, you'll go through 3 levels, never knowing what's around each corner... viewing tiny drives (tunnels) the miner dug & seeing the rocks the picky boys sorted & returned as backfill. It's a mine where if you let your imagination run, you can almost hear the miners swinging their hammers hitting the chisels.

Standard hours
10am & 11:30am only
unless prior arrangements are made.

School holidays (NSW, SA, VIC)
10am to last tour 3pm.
Tours run approximately every hour.

Christmas holidays
10am & 11:30am only
unless prior arrangements are made.

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