Broken Hill Railway Station

The present railway station was opened in 1969 by Prime Minister John Gorton when the standard gauge line was completed to South Australia. This brought to an end Broken Hill's reliance on its unique private railway - the Silverton Tramway Company. Transshipping yards established beside Crystal Street in 1942 to bridge the break of gauge were abandoned in 1969.

The Broken Hill train station is an easy stroll of one block to the main shopping strip and within walking distance to most accommodation.

NSW TrainLink runs weekly direct services to Broken Hill from Sydney on the 'Outback Explorer'.

NSW TrainLink also runs a daily service that includes train travel between Sydney and Dubbo and bus travel between Dubbo and Broken Hill.

Visit for timetables, fares and online bookings or call 13 22 32.

The Indian Pacific runs directly to Broken Hill from Sydney and Adelaide once or twice a week, depending on the season. 'Whistle Stop Tours' of the town are available while the train is parked at the Broken Hill train station.

Visit for timetables, fares and online bookings or call 1800 703 357.

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