Silverton School Museum

Schooling in Silverton first began in a tent in 1884 and it wasnt until 1889 when the Schools building was completed the teachers were able to hold classes from indoors, and build you see today is the very same that was finished in 1889.

The First Teachers to occupy the building was Mr Joseph Watts with his teaching assistant Miss Mary Cameron (Dame Mary Gilmore).

After 90 years of education the Silverton school closed its doors in 1970.

The Silverton School Educational Museum was re-opened on July, 2008 with its official opening held 7th June 2009 with over 70 ex-students and families and one ex-teacher in attendance.

Many articles that were used in educating the children (ie. Readers, maps, original school work by the ex- students), articles used by the families of the school era. School room consists of history of the school and others schools in area in the boom times.

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