The Central City Heritage Walk

Broken Hill has a rich, varied and unique architectural heritage. The city grew very rapidly after mining started in the 1880's, reaching its peak population of 35,000 by 1915.

The Central City Heritage Walk

This walk of about 2km covers Broken Hill's main commercial area and showcases a large number of substantial heritage buildings from the 1880's and onwards.

Since the introduction of the Broken Hill Heritage Program and appointment of the Heritage Advisor in 1986, many of the buildings on this walk have been restored and new verandahs erected to recapture the early character of the city.

The walk commences at Kintore Reserve opposite the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre and proceeds along the north side of Blende Street before returning along the north side of Argent Street.

A free map can be picked up at the Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

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