Tri State Safaris

Remember when a holiday was a real adventure

Established in Broken Hill in 1992, Tri State Safaris was borne from a passion to share the remarkable Outback with like-minded adventurers. We have been travelling the outback roads, from Broken Hill to Broome and everything in between for over twenty years and we are constantly excited by what we see ....... and we are sure you be will too!

Inspired by the spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, and unique characters, our tours are designed to introduce you to the real outback by providing you with authentic experiences.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, and our many tourism awards are testament to this goal. To ensure each of our customers have the best experience possible we travel in small personal groups in our specially equipped 4WD vehicles.

That's our philosophy! So why not come and join us for an adventure that will leave you with life long memories and a desire to discover more of the outback.

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