Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park is located in the Willandrea Lakes World Heritage Area.

It's where you'll find the Walls of China - 33 km of orange & white earth surrounded by sand dunes. Erosion has sculptured the sand and clay into fragile yet dramatic formations.

This area maintains a continuous record of human occupation stretching back wel over 40,000 years. Rain and wind have uncovered ancient fireplaces and hearths, as well as calcified plant matter, stone tools and animal bones. A cultural significant area to the traditional owners.

The Mungo Visitor Centre (MVC)is open every day and is a great place to stop and pick up some inforamtion for your experience. The MVC is not staffed.

There is a self-guided 70km driving tour which provides an opportunity to explore a large area of the park with its trails, walks and bike tracks.

The Walls of China are only accessible with a guide, however, the boardwalk, prior to the Walls (not accessing the Walls)is available all year round.

Travellers may stay at the Mungo Shearers' Quarters (bookings essential) and its a BYO everything, therefore there is a need to be self-sufficient with lien, food and fuel.

There is a choice of campgrounds, Main camp or Belah camp, both of which are great places to pitch a tent for the night. Belah is smaller and an isoluated site and Main camp is much larger and can accommodate larger vehicles, trailers and campervans.

Access can be via Wentworth, Mildura, Balaranld, Broken Hill or through Menindee and Pooncarie.

A vehicle entry fee applys, as do camping fees. Please refer to the website for details.

Discovery guided tours are conducted throughout the year onto the Walls of China and a number of other places. Please view for details.

All roads within Mungo National Park are dirt and as suchmay be closed due to inclement weather, so too are the publicroads leading to Mungo. Enquire of road conditions prior to travel and planning visits.

It should be noted that Mungo National Parkis also referenced on many maps etcwith Mungo Lake. This lake has not held water formany thousands of years.

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