Paroo-Darling National Park

Paroo-Darling National Park is close to the opal mining township of White Cliffs, in the far western area of New South Wales.

The Paroo-Darling NPWS Visitor Centre (PDNPVC) is located in White Cliffs, on Keraro Road and is open M-F business hours. Its a great place to commence your exploration of the Paroo-Darling and the many aspects of park on both sides of the Darling River.

Peery Lake's birdlife and spectacular natural beauty gives you a sense of relaxation by slowing down and enjoying, stopping to observe the wildlife, or walk along one of the many tree-lined creeks and view the beautiful wildflowers in bloom after seasonal rains.

You can alsoenjoy a Discovery tour during the autumn, winter and spring school holiday periods and take a ranger guided tour of Peery Lake which will unfold is cutlural significance of the traditional owners and some of their etchings along the lakes' edge.

If you wish to camp, you can do so at the Coach & Horses campsite (also known as Wilga campground) on the east side of the Darling River and just north of Wilcannia by approx 50km.Camping fees and entrance fee apply, per person per night and per vehicle per day,to this part of the PDNP. BYO drinking water, ensure you are self-sufficient as this is an isolated campground. Facilities include gas BBQs, non-flush toilets and shelters and ample room for caravans, mobil homes and campers.

Stay tuned for Day Use sites being available in the near future.

Its very much a seasonal change of discovery in this part of the outback and so too is the level of water in lakes and rivers, reliant on rainfalls in the catchment areas of western NSW and mid-western Queensland.

The Peery Lake location and PDNP is accessed via a number of outback township: approx 33km east of White Cliffs along the Mandalay road, or 80km north of Wilcannia along the Wanarring road, or 60km east of Wilcannia on the East Road to Bourke is where you will locate part of the PDNP and its wonderful Peery Lake. And White Cliffs is approx 300km east of Broken Hill.

For further information refer to or enquire with the Broken Hill NPWS office 08 8080 3200 or the White Cliffs PDNP visitor centre 08 8083 7900, during business hours.

Roads are sealed and unsealed (unsealed on park), thereforeensure that you enquire on road conditions and accessiblity prior to setting out. Extreme weather and changeable conditions can be experienced and self-sufficiency for yourself and your vehicle is the key to an enjoyable and pleasant holiday.

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