Spirit of the Coorong Cruises

Spirit of the Coorong Cruises offer 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour cruises from Goolwa, 90 kilometres south of Adelaide, South Australia, to the River Murray Mouth and into the Coorong National Park. A long, narrow and shallow lagoon stretching more than 100 kilometres from the River Murray Mouth, the Coorong is separated from the Southern Ocean by a series of sand dunes and supported by fresh water flows from the River Murray and tidal movement from the sea.

One of the most important wetlands in Australia and internationally known for native and migratory birdlife, the Coorong is a place of spectacular white sand dunes, wildlife, unique flora, and aboriginal history a place of untouched wilderness, peace and tranquillity.

Experience this special place of wetland wilderness, wildlife, spectacular scenery, and Aboriginal and European history on a Spirit of the Coorong Murray Mouth, Adventure or Discovery cruise.

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