Goolwa Riverboat Centre

The Goolwa Riverboat Centre is normally open from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm on every day of the year except for Good Friday and Christmas Day, depending on the availability of volunteer staff.

Entry into the museum is free.

The boat is also open for inspection whenever the centre is open, and the boat is moored at the wharf.This is also free.

The Goolwa Riverboat Centre occupies the historic wharf shed, through which the goods unloaded from the paddle steamers engaged in the river trade, passed during transhipment to railway freight trucks. It is therefore an important item in the heritage of both the local district and the River Murray system.

These days, in its role as the home of the P.S. Oscar W,it provides the facilities for booking passengers on the popular regular cruising days.

As a museum, it houses many exhibits that illustrate the river and its place in the development of Australia, including many models of boats from the trading era, as well as historic photos and relics of the former trade, all backed up by panels discussing the various artefacts and their place in history.

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