Urimbirra Wildlife Experience

The Urimbirra Wildlife Experience gives you the chance to view more than 70 species of Australian fauna in their natural surroundings.The paths through Urimbirra allow you to see the animals at close range and a walk through the 16-hectare site is a photographer's delight.

Reptiles on display include salt and freshwater crocodiles as well as venomous snakes, pythons and lizards. Walkthrough aviaries provide close interaction with lorikeets, doves, ibis and stilts. Other aviaries house cockatoos, other native birds and fruit bats.Hand feed the kangaroos and wallabies throughout the park.

Urimbirra Wildlife Park is located in the Hindmarsh Valley just five minutes from Victor Harbor. Urimbirra is privately operated, and opened in 1993. The site has Aboriginal history, and some of the trees show evidence of having been used by Aborigines for bark canoes and shields hundreds of years ago.

The name Urimbirra is an Aboriginal word meaning to preserve or to take care of.With over 400 Australian native animals, and over six hectares of wetland bird sanctuary, Urimbirra gives you the chance to see more than 70 species of Australian animals in their natural surroundings.

The paths through Urimbirra allow you to see the animals up close as you walk the 16 hectare site. Reptiles on display include Saltwater Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, Water Dragon, Black Headed Monitor and Shingleback Lizard, and turtles can be seen in the creek.

The park has a childrens farmyard with farm animals, chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits.Night walks through Urimbirra are available through Banksia Adventure Tours. Facilities at the Park include barbecues and picnic areas, and gift shop selling quality souvenirs. The restaurant provides take away food, and also caters for functions.

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