Freeman's Knob

A spectacular lookout over Horseshoe bay and out to Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay, Freeman's Knob at the end of the Strand has many stories of shipwrecks and lost pigs.

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Today Horseshoe Bay has a popular foreshore restaurant named The Flying Fish, and the local surf life saving club has rescue boats also named Flying Fish. Both are namesakes of the two masted schooner lost in Port Elliot in December 1860. A vicious storm was responsible, turning the Flying Fish onto one side overnight, and pushing the schooner into the sand above the high water mark. Swimmers today can still feel the hull underfoot.

With its reputation for destruction confirmed, and the port facilities moved elsewhere, Port Elliot faded as a centre of commerce and today is a popular seaside town with a maritime heritage walk along the foreshore. The last ship to use the facilities sailed out in 1866.

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