Woodward Park

  • location icon Halliday Street Port Pirie SA 5540

Woodward Park is situated in a peaceful residential area but has its own amazing story to tell. The park was the centrepiece of a model suburb designed by Nyrstar Smelter in 1947 to attract more employees and their families to living in Port Pirie.

In the 1940s, Port Pirie was not known for its parks and gardens. The smelter was experiencing a shortage of married men and wanted to attract model citizens to boost the employment ranks and Port Pirie itself. As a result, the smelter purchased 30 blocks and engaged an architect to design Risdon Park, a model suburb of tree-lined streets, parks and gardens.

Travelling around Woodward Park reveals the streets which were dominated by smelter employees. The streets revealed a rank and file system, with those higher up the ranks in the smelter living closer to the golf course, on the southern side of Risdon Park.

Woodward Park itself also has a great deal of history, named after Oliver Holmes Woodward who played a key role in digging deep tunnels under German trenches and loading them with explosives during World War One. Woodward was a prominent figure in the smelter from 1920 to 1934, holding the roles of general metallurgist, plant superintendent and general superintendent throughout this period. Woodward's story inspired the book and film Beneath Hill 60.

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