Memorial Park

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No other Australian city was so influenced by World War One as Port Pirie. Port Pirie lost 234 men who had volunteered to serve abroad in what was then called the Great War. Many of them were employed at the Broken Hill Associated Smelters.

At a council meeting in May 1917, it was decided that the Memorial Park should proceed. There were arguments that the money would be better sent to the war effort, but council decided that it would mean more to the men serving at the Front to know that their wives and children had a fine park and that they would come home to share it as well as having a place to remember their comrades.

BHAS arranged for plants and seedlings to be sent from the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. In the years after the war it was decided that a memorial should be built in the town to commemorate the fallen. So began the Soldiers Memorial Park at Port Pirie.

Today, this is simply known as Memorial Park. The park includes tributes to Australian servicemen and women who served and fell in all of the main wars in Australias military history.

Memorial Park was augmented with the construction of a children's playground, built in just one day on August 18, 1918.

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