Fisherman's Wharf

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The Fishermans Wharf surrounding Caputos seafood business was the focal point for hundreds of people who came to Port Pirie from the Molfetta region of Italy in the 1890s.

Molfetta is a city which has been a key fishing port for hundreds of years so it was no surprise that many of the new arrivals took to boats and headed out into the Spencer Gulf to make their living.

By converting the old style ketches that had previously been used to convey wheat bags and supplies in and out of the creek they had chanced upon the perfect vessels for fishing in the gulf. The holds were ideal to keep their catch and allowed the fishermen to stay out for days, even weeks at a time.

In the beginning the Italian men were very poor and forced to share basic houses in the Prince, Queen and King Street area of Solomontown. Today, although very few of the original families remain, the humble homes are still in evidence.

In Port Pirie 2014, the Italian people, many descendants of the Molfetta families, are some of our most respected and successful citizens. It has been a great benefit that they chanced upon Port Pirie so many years ago. Their cultures, food, language, their religion and sporting affiliations remain a major part of our city.

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