James Poole

  • location icon Mount Gipps Broken Hill NSW 2880

James Poole was born in Cornwall in 1848. It is not known when he arrived in Australia, but he eventually joined up with David James in Kapunda in contracting activities.

After subscribing to the Mount Gibbs syndicate he also became discouraged and disposed of a one-fourteenth share in the 'Broken Hill mine on Mount Gipps' on July 28, 1884, to Sidney Kidman for ten steers. Early in 1885 Poole sold his remaining one-fourteenth share to S. David for 4500 pounds. Poole then left Broken Hill field and lived for a time in Burra, and at Kapunda. His brother, Thomas Poole, was a butcher in Broken Hill for many years.

Poole later took up some farming land at Cunderdin in Western Australia, but was compelled to abandon his property because of drought conditions. He returned to Kapunda, where, in the closing years of his life, we was employed by Sit Sidney Kidman who, by this time had become famous as the millionaire Cattle King. James Poole died at Kapunda on September 29, 1924, aged 76 years.

Excerpt from: Broken Hill 1883-1893 Discovery and Development. R.H.B. Kearns, Reprinted August, 1977, Broken Hill Historical Society.

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