George Urquhart

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George Urquhart, who is reputed to have sold his one-seventh interest in the syndicate for 10 pounds, was born in Inverness, Scotland in 1845. He arrived in Australia as an infant and was reared in Melbourne.

As a young man he was employed by his uncle, also named George Urquhart, who then owned, or managed Kinchega station. He later became sheep overseer at Mount Gipps, a job which he held for nineteen years.

Urquhart had already sold his one-seventh share to Sam Hawkins, the Mount Gipps carpenter, and had departed for Melbourne several months before the discovery of silver chlorides in January, 1885. Some years after his marriage in Melbourne, George Urquhart returned with his wife to the outback and, for a time, was manager of Tickalara station in southern Queensland, for the Kidman interests.

George Urquhart later settled with his wife and two sons at Black Hill station, near Silverton, which he managed for Kidman. On May 14, 1925, his horse returned riderless to the hut of shepherd Albert George Sutton. The latter searched the hills, and found Urquhart's body where he had fallen, after suffering a fatal heart attack at the age of 70 years. George Urquhart was buried in the Presbyterian section of the Broken Hill cemetery.

Excerpt from: Broken Hill 1883-1893 Discovery and Development, R.H.B. Kearns. Reprinted August, 1977, Broken Hill Historical Society.

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