Customs House/Royal Circus

The Customs House was built in 1863 and is situated on Royal Circus. This site became the most important business and administrative location in the town. It was the junction of major trade routes in the South East. Wool wagons approached the harbor along Victoria Street and Mundy Terrace, and terminated at the Royal Circus which functioned as a roundabout. Customs facilities, the bond stores and Ormerod's warehouse were located at this point, where the transfer of goods between land and the sea routes took place.

Henry Melville, the first full-time Collector of Customs and Harbor Master was appointed in 1855. His office was the Customs House. His duties also included Receiver of Wrecks and operating the telegraph station. He was a key figure in Robe during his fourteen years' residence as an important official and a vivid personality during the energetic era of trade, shipwreck, immigration, and "Chinese invasion".

The Customs House was used as a Council Office and Chambers from 1869 (when the District Council of Robe was proclaimed)until 1969, when the councilors of the day moved that a new Council office was built.

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